How To Make Money From Youtube

Make Money From Youtube

YouTube is a famous social media that offers you to watch any video that has been uploaded. You can make your own channel too and Make Money From Youtube through it. Now, whether you believe it or not, most of the people don’t even know that you can earn from YouTube. Well, if you are one of those, who have heard from somewhere that money can be earned from YouTube but don’t know how then this article is for you.

Make Money From Youtube
Here, I am going to tell you some basic ways that can help you earn money from YouTube.

ADVERTISEMENTS|Make Money From Youtube

The most known way for earning from YouTube is Advertisements. For that, you will have to make a YouTube channel. When you have uploaded some videos on that channel, all you need to do is enable monetization.

Make Money From Youtube

After you become a partner, you will need an AdSense account to go to Google’s ad network to actually get paid and see revenue reports.


You can promote some brands on your channel and get paid from them. But for that much of pay, you need to have a good amount of subscribers, so that the promotions that you do can go to a good amount of the people and brand can pay you some good amount.

Make Money From Youtube

On the other hand, you can sell your own made goods. If you are really good at something, make a video of making it and you can leave your link or contact so that you can get orders from your fans.


If you can’t make something, don’t worry. Try affiliate marketing. You can review products or compare them and leave your affiliate links in the description and offer your fans to buy the same product from that link so that you get some commission and earn. But again, the more the number of subscribers, the more the revenue.

Make Money From Youtube
These are the basic ways by which you can earn directly through YouTube. But you can use YouTube as a tool too.

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WEBSITES AND BLOGS|Make Money From Youtube

Use the audience from YouTube channel and drive them to your blog. On your blog, you can hook them with a good content.

Make Money From Youtube


Use the subscribers and fan following for building your own brand. Brand building is a tough or easy thing, depending on audience only.

Make Money From Youtube

The more audience you have, the more they follow you and you have a good amount of crowd knowing about you and your brand.

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Make Money From Youtube: If you are not much into anything else than being famous for what you do, then try this. Become a YouTube personality or influence. Influence the audience with your ideas and with your thoughts and in some days, you will come to know that you have become a YouTube personality in no time. Bhuvan Bam and much more have become big personality because of the one thing. And that perseveres and being unique and original in their content.

Make Money From Youtube
I would rather say, now, that you know that YouTube is an awesome site and you can generate a good amount of revenue from it, use it for your benefit, instead of wasting your precious time by watching the videos over it. Especially to the age group that goes to the college, I would say, you have enough of time to you and you can really start creating some unique stuff and uploading them. What if you get to earn something out of it? Is there any loss in it? I don’t think so. Try your hand at this and you never know when you will become famous or get known for your creativity that you hold within.

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