How to Register a Company in India.

How to register a company in India: It is important to register your startup or company before conducting any kind of business. Be it is a private or public company, the process of registration is the same. Registering a company was once a time-consuming process. But now all the important documents and forms to be filled can be filled online.


These sites are handled and looked after by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). All the rules and regulations are devised by the MCA. The registration requires some specific documentation such as DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), DIN (Director Identity Number),and applying for a form. The four major steps are:

  • Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Filing for New user registration or an eFrom.
  • Incorporation of the company.

Let us understand the four steps in details.

Obtaining the Director Identification Number (DIN) | How to register a company in India.

It is mandatory for the director of the company to first obtain the DIN in order to initiate the process of company registration. One needs to file for an eForm DIN-1 to get their DIN. The form is available on the official site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Follow the steps below to file for DIN.

  • Create a login id by registering yourself on the MCA website. Upload the filled DIN-1 form on the MCA website by clicking on the eForm upload button and paying the required fees.
  • Using the DIN-2, the company can be intimated.
  • Once the DIN-2 if filled, it is necessary to intimate the registrar of a company using DIN-3.
  • Fill up eform DIN-4, IN ORDER to make any kind of changes in personal details, address etc.

Obtaining digital signature Certificate (DSC) | How to register a company in India.

A DSC will ensure the authenticity of the filed documents. This certificate is provided by agencies that are appointed by the controller of certification agencies (CCA). It is important to get the DSC from an agency that is approved by the government or the DSC will not be considered as legit and will be useless.

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Some of the agencies that provide DSC and are approved by the government are TCS, IDBRT, MTNL, SAFESRYPT etc.

Creating an account on MCA portal | How to register a company in India.

Register yourself on the MCA portal by creating an account by clicking the register link. It is free of cost. The major function of the of the MCA registration is to file for an eForm, payment of the online fee, to conduct the different transaction as registered and business user.

Application for registration of the company  | How to register a company in India.

This is the final step for registration of the company. This step includes incorporating all the details of the company, the address as well as notice of appointment of company directors, managers, secretary as well as personnel of the company. It also includes the division of shares.

Fill the following form in the correct order to complete the procedure:

  • Form -1:

Form 1 includes Form-1A and Form 1. These forms are important as they will help you know the availability of the company name. Form 1 is an application or declaration for the incorporation of a company.

  • Form – 18: this form notifies the situation of the new company office and to acknowledge the change in the situation of previously registered office.
  • Form – 32: This form is the notice of appointment of new Directors, Managers and secretary for new companies as well existing companies.

After the submission of all the mentioned documents, a confirmation email will be received where in an approval from the MCA is mentioned. The status of the form changes to approved.